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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Damaged Goods

The babies furniture came in last week ... I never thought to check it all out until the room was ready and wouldn't you know it ... when I did open it the ONLY piece that came assembled was DAMAGED. Now we ordered 4 pieces of furniture ... 3 we had to put together our selves and 1 (the dresser) was already put together for us, YEP YOU GUESSED IT ... the dresser was damaged! But here are pics of the Crib, Changer, and Book Case ... Dresser to be added after they deliver a new one and pick up the old one!


Melanie said...

Kim, you and your family did an awesome job on the baby's room. Will you decorate mine when it comes time? YEARS from now? Love the bugs!

kimmyk said...

It's sooo pretty!!!

I love it! Clean...and pink...and sweet! Won't be long...