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Thursday, April 19, 2007

31 Weeks and ITCHY AS ALL GET OUT!

I think all the bragging about how “easy” and “normal” my pregnancy was going finally caught up to me. I had to go to the Dr yesterday because I had this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE itch on my belly. My skin had started to become raised up and very puffy. I went to the Dr … they said I have a condition called PUPPS.

But if you want the broke down version it is basically a rash that is caused by pregnancy it usually surfaces around 32 weeks and lasts 6 – 10 weeks. Most cases dissolve after birth bust some last up to 2 weeks after. It is very itchy and they said the only way they knew to describe it to Andy was that if you have ever had Poison Ivey, Oak or Sumac that you could multiply that by 10 and then you have it. I personally am not allergic to any of those things … I have never had any of them … but if this is what it is like I AM SORRY TO ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE EVER HAD POISON! I can only rub the infected area … if I scratch it, it can spread, if I touch it skin to skin it burn like the worst SUNBURN I have every experienced in MY LIFE!!! I can take benaydrll by mouth and cream, if that doesn't help by Tuesday they will give me a cortizone shot to help! Here is a site that has some pictures if you are interested in seeing what it "looks" like … NOTE: these are not pictures of mine, mine is not near as bad as these women and I pray that it does not get that bad, if it does I will GO NUTZ!
Rash Pictures
Other than that not much going on … only 9 weeks to go, this weekend I am starting to wash the clothes and get things into the "ready" stage. Please pray for me and my rash … maybe the prayer chain will help aleve some of my itching!

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Chris said...

Oh,you poor thing...that stinks. I hope it clears up easily for you. As if the stretching belly itching isn't bad enough. Good Grief! That did NOT happen to me. WOWZA.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Take Care!