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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Next Big RV Trip

Well I think I mentioned it a while back but I want to go to the Grand Cannon Sky Walk so so bad. My parents have a RV and yes since I am a spoiled BRAT most of their vacations revolve around me. Now of course they revolve around me, my husband and my dog ... oh yeah and soon a little one ... which I am sure will be EVEN more spoiled than I ever was. But anyway, when I first heard of the Sky Walk (about a year ago) I asked my parents, husband, and my mom's family if they would be interested in going. Amazingly everyone responded YES ... so I have been keep an eye on it in the news ... I awaited the opening, the first walk and yes all of the Hype cause for sure I thought it would never "really" open! But my friends it did and here it is ... a reporter gave a wonderful description of their first steps on it ... check it out: Grand Canyon Sky Walk Adds to the Wonder. I can't wait to go there ... I hope we get to go in September of next year and I know that is far off, but a girl has to have things to look forward to!

As for my travels to come ...
We have 2 more races to attend this year, one I can't go to the actual race. I will be too far along and it would hurt the babies unborn ears! The second is in October, The Martinsville Race, my mom and i have it all worked out ... I will attend the Busch race she will tend the baby, she will attend the Nextel race and I will tend to the baby! If it is cold when we go, I get both races! :)
Then for Christmas this year Andy's family wants to go on a cruise ... so that will be in January I guess then it will be time to start planning out next year! Also this year I have Melanie's wedding in Raleigh, and the LMC SnowBE's Christmas 10 years ... in Banner Elk!

Okay gotta get to work ... enjoy reading about the Sky Walk ... I can't wait to go!


Stephanie823 said...

THE RICHMOND RACE? You know we'll have to get together for dinner or're bringing the baby, right? YOU BETTER!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks amazing!

Girl, i gotta just give you mad props for what you wrote that horrible girl that wrote that awful stuff on her myspace page! i admire how mature you were! i don't think i could have been so kind. she's a sad sad chick. good for you for taking the high road!

Chris said...

Hey! Glad to see my CUP OF JOE friend found you and jumped on the bandwagon! LOVE IT! We're all behind you girl!

My hubby and I went to the Grand Canyon on our honeymoon and I can't WAIT TO GO BACK! I am dying to see that sky walk. I was just showing it to him a week or so ago in one of my mags. Can't wait to see your photos when you go. We probably won't get back out West for a few years. I want to go back when my kid(s) are older. We LOVED Sedona too. I totally want to go back there just the two of us! OOOHHH it's so romantic!

I'm not a NASCAR junkie but I have lots of pals that are. Sounds like you have a good "race plan". We're gearing up for Myrtle Beach this year and next March we're going to St. Lucia for my neices wedding. I'm hoping to be pregnant by then but not too far along to have to miss it!

Nocturnal said...

That is definitely a new one, I've never heard of that grand canyon gig before. I can see why you would want to go check it out.


The Kept Woman said...

I've not been to the Grand Canyon but have heard that it's quite awesome to see. Enjoy that RV traveling pre-kids...there's nothing like the 398 pounds of crp you have to pack once the baby is here. can one small being need SO much stuff!?!?