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Friday, November 21, 2008

Whats Worse

A. a baby with Colic AND acid reflux
B. a baby that will only sleep while being patted on the back and in mommy's bed
C. a sick mommy, yes out of both ends - from 7 am - now
D. all of the above?!

Yes the correct answer is D - but at least Tatum is feeling better!


The Smith Family said...

The nasty bug is hitting all over! I thought we were the only household with the entire family sick. I am sorry! I hope you and the kids feel better soon. We've all had it at my house this week.

I hope the weekend brings healthy tummies to all!

Andrea said...

Ugh. So sorry. Hope the whole family feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry you're not feeling well. that sounds like no fun. but, hopefully you guys can get it all out of your system now & not be sick again this winter! (fingers crossed!). love you.

Louisa said...

Oh dear!!! Hope you are better soon then I am sure the world will seem a better place!