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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I feel horrible

Today we spent the day with my mom and dad - Andy had a catering gig to do at a football all star competition (yes even though he was sick he went). So mom and dad told me to bring the rest of the sick gang over and they would help me with them. We rode in their RV over to one of the local RV parks - my mom's sister, her hubby and my cousin were coming down from Ohio to celebrate Turkey Week with us! My parents wanted the RV at the beach to hang out and have fun. The park also has a indoor pool and several outdoor play grounds that we thought Tatum would enjoy.
Tatum is still not feeling very well - she now has diarrhea and is not eating, drinking or sleeping very well. She stayed with mom last night and mom said she woke up this am (6 am) screaming mommy mommy ... my mom got dressed and went to go get her ... she (Tatum) was covered in diarrhea, it was up her back, in her hair, in her bed, on all of her bankies and of course she was SCREAMING because her little tushie was burning. So all day ... she only went one more time and she told us right away ... Uh Oh ... and walked to the changing table ... so we knew.
Well our family got into town ... it all started out okay - but then everyone wanted to see THE NEW BABY ... not such a good thing to Tatum. It is always very obvious when people don't have little ones ... they don't think that the biggest needs attention too! Well Tatum started to throw a all out FIT ... screaming and kicking - I mean a FIT ... I put her in time out for 1 minute and she didn't come close to stopping. I took her in my mom's room and tried to talk to her, she laid on the bed just sobbing ... finally I asked her if she wanted to go bye bye she said ... yes bye bye and started to wave. So we load up the car and leave, her and Bowden cry all the way out of the neighborhood ... but by the time I get to the HWY they are both asleep! Awwe quiet I think ... I will just drive around! So I drive for about 40 minutes and then went home - as soon as I pulled in the drive Tatum started SCREAMING ... mommy mommy mommy! I brought her inside put her down and went back to get Bowden. When we came in the door she was standing in front of her changing table screaming ... I put her up there ... guess what ... YEP she had diarrhea. Probably at my mom's and her little tushie was so burnt that it was bleeding. OMG I felt horrible - still do. I have NO IDEA why I didn't think to check at my mom's ... I just thought she was throwing a fit.
So now 3 hours later she is in bed with Budros Butt Paste and Vaseline caked on her tushie and I am still in tears!


The Smith Family said...

I don't know if you know about the magic butt cream, but our ped told us about it recently and I swear by it! Especially since we've had the same problem 3 times now like you're having now.

It's is, mix equal parts Aquophor and Maalox together and use it as a butt cream. The Aquophor acts as the cream and the Maalox fights the acid from the diarrhea and helps heals the bottom faster. It also soothes the burning.

I pray it gets better for all of you!

Robin said...

awwww, i'm sorry about all of this!

tatum probably just didn't feel good & that's why she was crying so much.

surely, she wouldn't have fallen asleep with that dirty diaper? because if it was hurting her bottom that bad, it probably would have woken her up, don't you think?

i bet she had just started to go when you guys got home.

don't feel bad about it...i know that's easier said than done...but, none of y'all are feeling good right now & it's easy to get frustrated or sad when you don't feel good.

so, get some sleep tonight & have a lazy day tomorrow (sunday)...sleep when the babies nap & hopefully everyone will feel better on monday!

i love you!!!

Elleoz said...

You poor thing. I have been there too and I know how hard it is. Bless you heart. Hang in there. It will all be over soon.

I have heard about the Maalox & Aquaphor too. At my house I use straight up vaseline and Medicated Gold Bond. Something about the cornstarch does wonders.

I hope that everyone is over this nasty bug before turkey day. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.

Stephanie said...

Been there done that. It's so strange that when they are sick like that, the poop doesn't even smell so you don't even think to check! I have done that to Stella more than once. You feel horrible but it's not your fault. It's another rite of passage for us parents. LOL. Oh, and aquaphor is amazing.

kimmyk said...

ohhhhh i remember days like these.

desitin was always my friend. never heard of the "butt paste" stuff, but whatever works. she must be cutting teeth huh?

sadly maybe this will give way to her sitting on the potty and that might help. even if it's for a little while...

hang in there..and dont beat yourself up. it's not's her lil body goin through changes.

Goodrow Gang said...

I'm so sorry. I am always referring to myself as the "worst Mom EVER". It is our family joke. Even my daughter jokes with me now about that. So, now you can join my "worst mom ever" club. We have all been there. Don't beat yourself up.

Boom said...

: ( so sad...but don't beat yourself up, okay?

I could list all of my motherly mistakes to make you feel better, but I don't have enough space to type.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry everyone isn't feeling well! I hope it's better by now. Get some rest! And have a great Thanksgiving if you can!!!