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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

I am so thankful for so much - I can't begin to list it all -
I am way too tired! I love my babies! I love my Hubby and most of all I love my life.
I often think of ways to escape my life, often this "what if it were different"
What if we didn't have babies?! What if I weren't married?
What if I had married that guy from college?
And then I take a deep breath ... look around
smile BIG and that is when I Thank God for all of his "Unanswered Prayers!
Okay enough of Thanks ... lets compare -
Tatum Turkey Day 2007
She was Born June so she was almost 5 months old -
Bowden Turkey Day 2008
He was born August so he is almost 4 months old -

Tatum on the top Bowen on the bottom

Again Tatum


Amanda said...

Too cute! They look so similar! Happy Thanksgiving! :) Isn't God awesome -- those unanswered prayers show indeed that HE is a miracle worker!

Andrea said...

Wow, they definitely look like brother and sister in those pics!

LOVE your current hair color!

Happy Thanksgiving-its wonderful you are so thankful for God's blessings in your life!

The Partins said...

They are so cute! They are little mixes of you guys... so different yet so similar - and BOTH adorable as all get out! Glad you had a happy thanksgiving!

Robin said...

yep, they are definitely brother & sister. and, i LOVE baby b's big & so cute!

Dawn said...

They are nearly identical in those pictures!!! Love your list! Have a great weekend!

Chris said...

Sorry to see everyone was sick. Hope you are all recovering now. I've not been doing well...emotional crap. I don't feel like blogging about it. Just still recovering I guess...I love the comparison pics. Tatum and Bowden are so cute!

The Partins said...

I'm working on her drinking milk. She HATED it at first - I did the tricks the doc recommended - adding ovaltine, heating it up, etc - the only way she will take milk is mixed in her Rice Cereal so she is SLOWLY growing to like milk. Once she will drink it up, then I can start weaning her. whew!

As to keeping track - It is tough with one, I can't imagine with two!!!

Jamie said...

They do look alike. I love the turkey day oufits :-D

LCP said...

He has such beautiful big eyes!! And Jack has that same onsie...just didn't get to wear it. Oh well.

Joann said...

Ok I read and read and read and finally caught on that they were two different kids.. geez TWINS