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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tears and Prayers

Sorry I have been absent - I guess the lack of sleep is really getting to me -
The lack of sleep is not getting to me as much as my friend Adrienne, Jim and Owen
Please pray for them and the birth mother - they are all needing to feel God's presence.
Adrienne you are all in my prayers!


kimmyk said...

oh how heart wrenching for them. (adrienne, jim and owen)

and for the record, you could have emailed me or called me anytime. if you ever have questions you just say the word. i may not have all the answers but i can sure listen.

hugs girlie.

Louisa said...

Oh that is so sad. Feeling for you on the sleepless front though I imagine you are doing it much harder with 2 to contend with & work. You are my HERO!