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Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Weekend **** Updated with a picture

Friday night we went to a Oyster Roast at one of our friends houses ...
Bowden was with us, but Tatum was with Grammy (my mom).
She was staying with her so we could get up at the crack of dawn (5 am) to go fishing.
Bowden went home from the Oyster Roast with his second Mommy, Angee.

Saturday morning we get up at 5am and got to the fishing dock -
Fishing is canceled, the wind and seas were too rough.
Andy gets excited - "we have sitters in place"
"Lets go to Columbia"
I say OKAY ... I start texting Robin . Yes I sent her a text at 6:15am.
We got to Columbia (3 hour drive) around noon -
Had to get our tickets, Meet up with Andy's Uncle for a parking pass and then ...
We get a phone call ...
Angee calls, "Caden (her son) broke his nose. We are on our way to Hospital"
OMG let me find my mom - she will come get Bowden.
I start calling ... I can't find her she isn't answering any phones.
I call Ken, (He works for us, rents my house)
Can you please drive to my parents and tell my mom to go to the hospital to get Bowden ...
By the time he got to her - the story was that Angee fell and broke her leg - haha
Caden is fine, nose actually not broken.
We get home from Columbia around 7 pm.
Grab a bite to eat, go to a local bar to have a few drinks with Angee
Her daughter wanted to go to a sleep over, her son went camping with his daddy and
My mom kept Bowden over night - he didn't sleep well!

Sunday we went to the Soup Off at Market Commons.
Tatum danced and entertained all the pass-er-bys ...
It was a great LONG weekend! I am glad to be at work!
Wish I could lay down and take a nap!

My camera ran out of battery juice so I didn't get any pictures of me and Robin

but here is me and Andy at the game!

Robin sent me this to add to the blog! It was so great to see her!

This is me and Angee ... thought you may want to put a face with the name!

We are so lucky to have her in our lives ... she is a great friend!


The Smith Family said...

Sounds like you had a busy and exciting weekend! Glad you were able to go to the game. I really like the picture of you and your husband, it's cute. :-)

The Partins said...

Glad you were able to go ot the game! Divine intervention!

Anonymous said...

actually, i got your first text at 6:04am. but, i don't care. you could have texted me at 3:04am telling me you were coming & it wouldn't have bothered me ONE BIT!

i'll send you the pic of our rings tonight...that's crazy! i still can't believe it. :0)

Dawn said...

I've never heard of an oyster roast. Tell me more...

Goodrow Gang said...

That is some kind of crazy busy schedule! Glad you got to have some adult time.

Louisa said...

WOW! You guys live such an adventurous life with two little ones. Good on you!