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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night we spent the evening running from room to room
Rocking and holding Bowden because his Acid Reflux is acting up
and holding Tatum's head while she threw up all over the damn place.
It was so sad - I would have taken her sick any day to save her from that!
Both of them for that matter!
She started to get sick at 7:30 pm and didn't stop throwing up until after 1am -
it was horrible!
9 loads of laundry later and some very blood shot eyes!


kimmyk said...

oh man.
that's brutal.

it sucks when you have two babies and it's starting to be cold and flu season.

stock up now on your pedia care decongestants, your pedialyte and all that stuff that goes along with it.

bless your hearts...

i'm sending good healthy chicken noodle soupy vibes your way for your babies and some restful sleep z's too.

Stephanie said...

Isn't it awful when they are throwing up? They get so scared and you feel helpless. I'm sorry! Stella got sick on Sunday a million times and I have our huge (expensive) comforter in a lawn and garden garbage bag ready to take to the cleaners. Ewww is right.

The Smith Family said...

Are you sure you were not at my house? This season has been so bad for the stomach virus.

I hope everyone gets healthy soon!

Robin said...

poor babies & poor mommy & daddy! i hope you & andy don't get the virus! :( if it's one thing in life that scares the crap out of me it's throw up! i hope tatum bug & baby b are feeling better soon! :) love you!!

Andrea said...

I've recently learned myself that the only thing worse than a sick kid, is TWO sick the same time!