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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tatum kisses Bowden

Sunday night Andy and I were just sitting in the living room playing with Tatum after dinner and watching some Olympics ... Bowden was sitting in his vibrating chair thing and all of a sudden Tatum just walked over and kissed him on the back of the head! Of course I cried ... cried like a baby. Ran for the camera and asked her about 10 times to kiss him again .. she did kiss him again, but only a few times and my stupid camera has a delay so I missed "THE" shot every stinking time ... aack! Anyway here are the ones that I took ... enjoy!
First things first ... mom and dad bought Tatum a swing set ... here is the "house" part of it ... they have been putting it together for 3 weekends now ... but Tatum still loves it!

This was the second kiss and I missed the picture completely ... sorry about the dirty onsie ... we had just finished dinner and were on our way to a bath!

She had just kissed him and was looking at her Daddy like he was NUTZ because he kept asking her to kiss him again!

This is the best one I got ... I snapped it "just before" aack then it would not snap another for a few seconds ... doesn't this melt your heart?!

Tatum and her tongue, she is like our dog!! Tired from all the kissing ... taking a break!


kimmyk said...

remember these moments because they'll completely flip flop.

i remember i found abbie once with a throw pillow over her face cause she was crying. that was adam's way of quieting the baby. lol.

they are quite adorable...she's getting so big!

Dawn said...

How precious!!! You are surely blessed with 2 beautiful children! We live on the Amite River Diversion Canal and it goes into Lake Maurepas then into other waters. You probably could get here by boat!

The Smith Family said...

How sweet! Glad to know things are going great at home. Enjoy your two little ones!

Ma Kat said...

I'm soo excited for you and your new little one! Sorry I haven't congratulated you yet...things have been a little hectic lately. have a beautiful family. Your addition is darling- way to bake! I miss holding a wee little one. Keep posting...I'm reading. Oh, and great name...never heard of Bowden, but very classy.

Andrea said...

I feel your pain on the camera delay. My old one does that so my husband decided to get us a new one for valentines day. Our new one doesn't have a delay but most of the pics turn out blurry! I can't win!