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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hey *** Updated

**** Pictures added

Hey guys ... its me ... Kim I am doing well!

Emotionally I am 100% better than I was with Tatum.

Pain wise I am about 50% better than I thought I would be!

Tatum has a ear infection and a sinus infection so when she visited me today we sent Bowden to the nursery ... she HAS NO CLUE what is going on so she didn't know to ask for him.

I can't believe just how different Bowden looks than Tatum. It is amazing that he is from the same mommy and daddy that she is and they look NOTHING alike!

I was sick (throwing up) all day yesterday and today I have been up walking around ready to GO! They said I could go home tomorrow, but insurance covers us until Thursday, so I may ask to stay so I can take advantage of all the great nurses! I love this hospital ... LOVE it .. they even gave us "Stork" Dinner tonight.

Well it wont let me upload pictures ... stay tuned ...

Robin thanks so much for the updates

Melmel I love you thanks so much for all of your calls and help! I think it will be easier for me to see you this time! haha

I will be in touch!
Our steak dinner for 2 ... with good bubbly (Sparkling grape juice)

It even had shrimp cocktail

Andy drinking his bubbly!

Ms Maggie brought Tatum a teddy bear ... isn't it cute!


The Smith Family said...

Glad to know you are doing well. I recovered much faster with my second c-section than I did the first. But I was more scared the second time around.

Keep it easy and stay at the hospital as long as you can to take advantage of the extra rest and the help with Bowden.

LCP said...

So glad everything went so well. How have two!! And they look so different? Wow, just what I can expect.

Get well...and take advantage of those nurses!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you got my message. I am right there with you regarding the C-section recovery :) I love you! Courtney

Louisa said...

Super excited for you & glad to hear you are recovering well. I know we just "met" but I hope you don't mind me putting this out there. When I had my little girl earlier this year we decided to go home a day earlier and found out that in doing so our insurance provider would give us $50 worth of frozen meals, 2 home visits from a mid-wife, 6 hours of cleaning service (this was AMAZING!) whenever we wanted it over however we wanted it (ie in one hit or spread over, we took 2 lots of 2 hours). Oh, and they also gave us 200 nappies and other nappy supplies. So...might be worth investigating whether your insurance provider offers something similar and then you could decide whether it was something you wanted to take up. Just a thought...can't wait to see more pics!

Melanie said...

That stork dinner was too nice. Glad you are doing better this time around. Looking forward to meeting little Bowden! Love you bunches!

Boom said...

Sorta makes me want to have one...just for that cush room and the yummy dinner!!

My Three Girls (The A girls) said...

So jealous....Stork dinner...I never got such treatment. Glad you gotto enjoy that part of your stay.