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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thank You Thank You

To all of you Thank You so much for your kind words and the time you all took to lift me up- I love my Blog Family! I am lucky to have all of you in my life! I go to the Dr today I will share all of my feelings with her and we will see what her suggestions are. I do feel better know that I am not the only one who questions my ability as a mom and the ability to be a mom to 2. Thank You again.

Party of Five - how do I find your blog?!


The Kept Woman said...

Girlfriend, I just read your previous entry. (sigh) I'm so sorry this pregnancy is different. Unexpected or not you are doing something fantastic. I see you are headed to the Dr. and that's the best thing you can do...other than not feel guilty about not being over the moon about this pregnancy. Everyone has different circumstances and ways of dealing with things. When you're'll be happy. The important thing is that *if* you don't get to that're not afraid to ask for medical help.

Hang in there and let us know what the doc says!

Andrea said...

Angela at "Party of Five" is on my links. I was hoping she would find you since I knew here last two pregnancies were very close together as well!

angela said...

I see that you found me!! Yeah!!! I will add you to my blog list. Hope all goes well at the doctor today. I must say that there are alot of pregnancies on the blog right know. So much fun to keep up with you guys!! Good Luck.

tommie said...

Hope the visit went well.

Chris said...

I feel the same way....I love my blogger gal pals! Thanks for helping me through and I hope that all our words did help you through today.
We're a month apart on our due dates! It's going to be an exciting summer!!!