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Friday, February 22, 2008

So sorry

I know I said I would post pictures and tell you all about Daytona and I AM SORRY, but I am exhausted. With my mom not having a car, trying to catch up at work and trying to get the NEW house back on track I am about to DROP!~
So not much to say today ... I am off to bed - but I do have 2 things for you
1st - I took Tatum to get her ears pierced today - pictures later
2nd - Katie at Cup of Joe - this is for you -
for real you guys I was watching Amer*ican Id*ol and OMG rewind rewind - it was a R**ms To Go commercial and it was just for Katie - And YES I did take a picture of my TV I searched high and low for the commercial on tv could not find it!

You like my oranges? They are real, My oranges!


Anonymous said...

you're hilarious!

kimmyk said...

omg. that is soo katie @ cuppajoe. lol.

Chris said...

Sorry you're so pooped out. Take it easy. That is SOOO funny about that commercial!!! I missed that one or maybe it's not running here yet.

OMG I am DYING to see Tatum's pierced ears!!! Another thing Mikey and I don't agree on. I can't cut her hair OR get her ears pierced. SHEESH...I'm gonna win on the haircut thing though soon. It's time!

Heather said...

Oh that commercial is hillarious. It's crazy how far this joke has gone.