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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gentlemen start your engines

Well - Last night marked the first race of a LONG race season. I say LONG because again for the second time I am preggers - which by the way I am getting a little more excited about. Notice I said little, the house is moving along and I am really getting excited about that! Here is a list of all we have done:
New Roof
New Paint
Removal Green house out side
Removal of laddis over fish pond
Removal of dry wall on wall to be removed between 2 rooms
Removal of all TILE in entry way from garage, hall, 1/2 bath and kitchen
Removal of 1/2 wall beside spot for refrigerator
Removal of all sliding glass doors
Removal of "vent" and 1/2 wall over glass stove top - vent to no where - grease all in wall!
Removal of small pantry with piece of crap central vacuum
Removal of stair climber
Removal of ski-light in (one) of the babies room
All ceilings scraped in down stairs - starting second story now
Removal of built in "desk" in attic/playhouse
Re-wire of hot water heater
Clean and power wash all outside - including fish pond
NEW alarm and fire system installed with alarm clicker for key rings
What else?! Oh yeah have started removal of all HVAC under house - the entire system - all 5
units are being replaced only duck work from under house is being replaced -
I think that is it so far - it is amazing how much we have gotten done - but the de-construct is the EASY part the Re-construct is the Hard Time Consuming $$$ part !!!
Other than that Tatum is feeling better - she still has a deep cough but the snot coming out of her nose is better! We leave Tuesday for Daytona - the 50th year of the 500! I would probably be a little more excited if I could chug back a few beers and get a little crazy after Tatum went to bed - but Andy just keeps reminding me - "hang on Honey - it will be 2 years and our life will be somewhat normal" "after bedtime that is" haha I have to say I agree - it is just getting to that point and to bed time - which in our house (knock on wood) is a piece of cake - that is one thing Tatum can do - she can put her self to sleep with ease!

Well miss me while I am away from the computer - I will return next Tuesday!


kimmyk said...

have a good time in daytona!

you race car circuit people crack me up.

i'm glad miss tatum is feelin' better. it's always hard when your babies are sick..and you're pregnant.

[i sucked. my kids are 12 months gets easier...they become the best playmates for each other...i wouldn't have done it any other way...]

Stacie said...

wow oh wow oh wow! You have been one BUSY girl! I hope you took LOTS of before and after pics.

I'm glad Tatum is feeling better, and I hope you have fun in Daytona!

Anonymous said...

have fun, girlfriend!!

Anonymous said...

I just caught up on your blog. I have signed up for an email notice when you write a new blog - that way I can keep in touch pronto. I hope ya'll have a great time in Daytona - I totally get the beer thing - I would love to drink one right now!! Do ya'll ever come up to TN for Bristol? You continue to be in my daily thoughts and prayers - I know about will be ok (if not, the meds can really help)!! Talk to you soon!

-Allison M. Norris

Chris said...

Have a great time in Daytona!! I guess the NEXT race season will be the drink fest for you....LOL!
Glad you're getting so much done at the house. Enjoy your week in FLA! Talk to ya when you get back!

Memphis Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Memphis Steve said...

Forgot my previous comment. Clearly I am on drugs. Why don't you come over and I'll share some with you?

Moi said...

Can't wait to see before & afters.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

tommie said...

have fun....see you later Hope the baby is better.

Steph said...

Wow thats alot of work ! I bet you are excited ! I remember when we were starting our house is so fun to se the transformation !
Have fun at the races !