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Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby Girl's Bling Bling

Took the baby girl to get her ears pierced on Friday - have been trying ever since to get some good pictures of them, however she is just like her Mommy and LOVES the camera. So I had a very hard time getting pictures of her ears instead of her beautiful smile. Haha - I guess that is a good thing for picture day, but not for ear day! haha

Anyway the only ones I got were of her playing with her Daddy and her eating, so sorry they aren't great, but you can see her ears!

Love to you all!

Eating her dinner like a BIG girl!

Hey ya'll!

Eating a fist full of Peas!

New game - get the bottle lid on my head!

Last but not least - Mommies FAVORITE!


tommie said...

She is so stinking cute!!

It also reminds me how small Will was when I got prego! I even nursed him until he turned one. Some nipple nazi at LLL assured me if I consumed enough extra calories (like that was hard) the baby would be okay!

JayJenny said...

Aww, she's adorable! I want my baby girl (if & when I get a baby girl, that is) to have her ears pierced too.

The Kept Woman said...

You are a brave mama to get her ears pierced! She's dang cute!!!

kimmyk said...

she's turning into such a big girl kim.

she's so sweet.

angela said...

What a cutie. I had Alex's ear done at 4 months. Some people thought I was crazy for doing it so early. I think it is cute.

Chris said...

Love it...I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO Jealous. I wanted to pierce Lindsay's ears a long time ago. Now I figure I have to wait.
Husbands can be a drag sometimes man....LOL! Well, at least I know she won't get diamond earrings before ME! HA~
Thanks for checking up on me...we've all been sick and tired here. Doing better finally. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

She is too damn cute, Kimmy! Love these pictures!

Katy S. said...

She is so precious!!

Steph said...

She is a cutie....dang I wish you loved close to me...would love to photograph her !!

Caesi said...

What a gorgeous little girl! I think it is so precious when little ones have their ears pierced.