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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sitting here

Hey Blog world ... I am sitting here with one of my BFF Danielle ... she and her family came for dinner tonight! We have giggled ALL night about me being KNOCKED up again ... she says it is a blessing I say you keep them for me! :) other than that ... we are watching the HUBS play Guitar Hero ... he really thinks he can play that damn thing ... stupid boys and their toys! Oh well!

Love to you all, sorry I have been absent ... been so tired I can't stand it!
We go to our first Dr appointment on Tuesday ... didn't I JUST do this??? Oh yeah ... Fertile Mertile ... why did I NOT KNOW THAT???

See ya soon!


Chris said...

Yeah, I was getting ready to email you to check on you. Hang in there girl I feel your pain. Hope you just get the "tireds" and not the sickies. I'm doing better but woke up this morning and promptly puked after brushing my teeth. UGH! I'm 12 weeks today!!!! COME ON ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have my first appt with my OB on Tuesday too. Just finished up with the specialist. Hope all goes well and you get to see a nice quick heartbeat in there! Update us on Tuesday ok??

Andrea said...

Can I convience you to put up a pregnancy ticker? Glad you are still doing well.

kimmyk said...

how many weeks are you again??

The Kept Woman said...

I'm just had a baby in August? And you're doing it again?

Ahhhhh, I's that 4-10 mos. period of bliss...I did that too. The Duckling was a DOLL at 8 mos. when I accidentally...errrrrr, blissfully was surprised with Peanut I thought, "Piece of cake!"

Here is my solomn hope that your second one is nothing like my Peanut, no one deserves that.

Congrats hon!!!!

Andrea said...

Hummm...I don't really remember how I got my ticker in the title, but apparently its in a box called blog description in the header section!?!?

Wendy said...

Count yourself lucky...I have baby fever really bad right now and no husband! Go figure!

Stacie said...

wow oh wow have I been out of the loop!! Congratulations (late) on the FABulous news. Wow..Tatum is going to be a big sis! How cool! and the house on the river...AWSOME!

Heather said...

Glad to see you back. Hope you start getting your energy back soon.

We've got a bit of Guitar Hero obsession here too. Kat got Guitar Hero II for Christmas. Rob's looking to get the Guitar Hero III bundle so they can have chalenges.

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well at the doc, MBKimmy! Let us know how it goes!

I suck at guitar hero. :)