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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Hey everyone I am HOME! The cruise was wonderful ... I do not recommend anyone taking a infant that lives on a schedule on a cruise! It was very hard and trying! It is a good thing that my husbands family was with us ... or we would have been cabin bound the entire time ... it was rough! I will post more later, this week with pictures and stuff of course!

I missed you all so so much and I will try very hard to catch up on you by weeks end!

Hope you all missed me!

PS I heard the house was finished being painted ... OMG going to see it first thing in the AM~


Chris said...

Welcome HOme!!! can't wait to see pics from the trip and the new paint job. Glad you're home safely!

kimmyk said...

welcome home!
looking forward to the pics too!!!

Anonymous said...

glad you are home safe and sound, girl!! Can't wait to see the pictures! missed ya. :)

Anonymous said...

i missed catching up with you, too! glad you had fun, though & you guys are home, safe & sound.

can't wait to see pictures!