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Sunday, January 13, 2008

First day Before and After Pictures

We closed on the house Friday at 2pm ... as soon as we left the Lawyers office we headed straight over to "OUR RIVER HOUSE" to take pictures! Here Andy is removing the for sale sign!

Okay I didn't get over to the house today to take any "Good" pictures of the fish pond or the pool. The pool man came over the past 3 days and has been working on it - I will stop on my way home from work tomorrow and get pictures of the Fish pond and pool. But I did take pictures of us tearing down the "green house"

Before: See Building all the way to the left of the screen ... it is covered with hard plastic and rotten wood -

After day one of tear down:Plastic and wood mostly removed ... we are leaving the 4x4's to put up a new covered back porch/grilling deck!

Now I don't have a before and after for this one but I wanted to see how many of you would gag like I did ... while cleaning out the 1/2 bath I took out all of the drawers and scrubbed them ... I opened the last one to find ... Finger nail clippings ... OMG how gross! Really I almost threw up - I had to walk away 3 times before I could dump them, I had NO idea my mom snapped a picture if the clippings before I started to scrub ... here ya go looks like about 5 years worth!


Anonymous said...

ok, seriously. the nail clippings are the grossest (sp?) thing i've seen in a long time!


i cannot believe the old owners didn't clean that drawer out.


Wendy said...

That is just gross...why would anyone keep that?

Chris said...

That's disgusting! Love the pics of you guys with the FOR SALE sign. Congrats again. I left you an answer to your comment on my blog on the Toddler bed post. Sorry, should have just put it here.

Have a great week!