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Monday, December 17, 2007


WOW you guys really read my shit - hahahah
Several of you commented on my welding ability -
I co-own a Steel Fabrication and Erection Business!

I wish I could find the pictures ... but I looked and can't find it - I took a picture of me when I was about 50lbs lighter standing int he back of my truck with my dew rag on with my hand held up like Vanna White showing off the ERECTION protion of our HUGE window advetisment truck stickers. It all started in college - I would come home for summer and learn one thing or another about our "family" business ... Elvis Welding. First I learned to weld I was certified in all aspects of welding, wire, tig, mig, and Special Inspection welding. The next summer I learned to read blue prints, layout jobs and erect those jobs. The next summer I learned to operate the crane and run large projects from the sidelines ... once i gruduated (which took me 7 years, 2 majors and a minor none in construstion) I helped my dad implememt a benifits package and a computer system ... he was still doing it all by hand. Then I took over the bids, the contract billing, receiving, taxes and payroll now I am the HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge) I am the lady with a plan! Since I have been there we have grown from a $300,000 company to 5.3 mil this year! Dad says it is all in the computers ... I just laugh and tell him that it may have to do with the 14 trucks I have added, the 16 welders I have added and don't forget the employees went from 13 to 36. I love it, I love my guys! Yes like usual they take advantage, they are big fat bitches and they complain and whine a lot but isn't that what every one that has to work does?! At least that is what I do - I complain and bitch but you know what I got it made. Before Tatum I worked 60 hours a week ... now I work maybe 32 and I have Friday - Sunday off! Oh and I have had several raises in the past year - even though my hours are not close to what they were ... but guess what I AM THE BOSS -

haha didn't mean to get conceded on you! Hope that all of this explains the welding and the owning a business! Thanks for all of you that read me!


Andrea said...

So sorry I didn't get to participate in the last post. I've been out of town! Your job sounds awesome!

katie said...

very cool that you deal with erections all the time. my dream job. hehe. oh, i couldn't resist. :)

i concur with andrea-very cool job.

Chris said...

Hi, I can't find any contacts on your blog. Can I ask you to send a note for me? My email is in profile.
Thanks, Chris

Chris said...

NOW I see why you were confused. Nope that wasn't me! LOL!

You're job rocks. My hubby owns his own business and it ain't like that yet. Tee,hee....But I am aspiring to be HBIC somewhere! LOL!
Katie's comment cracks me up!

Stacie said...

Wow..I'm just catching up with your caught me by suprise..a welder! You GO girlfriend! I love that you love the Goonies's my alltime FAV movie EVER!

kimmyk said...

you need to find that picture!
look at katie being all twisted with her erection comment....she's so sassy.