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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Survery

I just filled out a Christmas Survey on my MYSpace ... one of the questions was: Have you ever had your broken on Christmas ... I never have! Have you?! I thought I did one year but I really didn't ...
I collect Snow Babies ... do you collect anything?! Oh yeah and ornaments where ever we go ... anywho it was the first year Andy and I were dating ... note - we were engaged we actually only dated 3 months before he popped the question! Engaged ... I told him and my mom all I wanted was the Snow Baby Christmas Pageant (Nativity Set). Andy and I stayed at my mom and dad's that Christmas Eve, we woke up ate breakfast opened presents ... it wasn't there ... I didn't get it! As most of my readers know I am SPOILED ... so yeah I cried ... my mom asked what was wrong I said I didn't get the pageant?! What happened I said I wanted it ... then I realized that i was being a big fat SPOILED baby, I dried my eyes hugged her and my dad. Then I thanked them for all the gifts, told them I was sorry I was spoiled but they single handedly did it to me! :) Then we left went to Andy's family house ... I opened there and it wasn't there either! I was sad but did not let them know the way I had my family ... on the way home Andy asked if I had a good Christmas I told him yes, I had him a wonderful family and I was the most blessed woman ever ... he started laughing and said he was sorry I didn't get the pageant that he KNEW I wanted it and that he and mom had looked high and low for it that it was SOLD OUT ... I started to tear up!
We got home I gave him his last few presents and we did presents with my roommate ... then Andy stood up and was like wait I think I forgot one ... yeah I did I forgot one I don't see it here ... he went to my bedroom and came back out with a huge box - in a box, in a box, in a box ... it was MY CHRISTMAS PAGEANT! I love it!
So have you been heart broken? Fooled? or Surprised?!
I will post a picture of my Snow Baby Collection tomorrow I left my camera at work like an IDIOT!


Chris said...

Saw your comment on my blog...I emailed you from my work. I don't have an email from you. What's up?
Email me at or
I emailed you my cell phone number too.

Funny post! As long as you KNOW your spoiled...tee,hee!

Wendy said...

I've been fooled lots of times and this year I am heart broken but for different reasons. I'm glad you got your pageant.

Stacie said...

AWWW..that's so sweet! He had it all along and saved it for last to suprise you! Love it!

Slick said...

Hey girl, hope you have a great Christmas!!