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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I said in a earlier post that I would put up pictures of our tree and my Snow*babies ... well here they are ... thanks for waiting! Haha

Our fun Charlie Brown Tree

It has all of our "Fun ornaments" Collected from travel and gifts!

My Snow*baby Collection

The Christmas Pageant aka Nativity scene

Our "Pretty" Tree it only has gold, silver or white decorations

How could I post pictures without the STAR of the show ... Tatum herself!


kimmyk said...

tatum is getting so big! so sweet. next year ya get to take two pretty baby's pictures....woohoo!!! hey, i just thought of somethin'...with a new house and two babies how you gonna blog? you need to get workin' on a nanny...ya feel me?

okay so that's alot of snow babies. pretty collection.

Andrea said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your news from the last post. Little miracles indeed!

Chris said...

Very cute pic of Tatum. Love the trees. Your big tree is HUGE! We always get a 7-8 footer but someday I'm going to have a house with high ceilings and I'm gonna have a giant tree and get to put ALL my ornies up at one time!

Anonymous said...

could tatum get any cuter!!? she's precious. i love her headband.

Love the snow babies!!

Anthony said...

The tree is fine, I think the window is crooked.

Wendy said...

She is adorable! I'm glad you put a picture of the snowbabies because I don't think I've ever seen the pageant. Very nice!