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Monday, October 01, 2007

Nervous Wreck

Well Tatum is 3 months 3 weeks old ... she has been sleeping through the night for 3 weeks now. I pray every night that it is not a sick joke that she will be telling me haha jokes on you in 2 weeks. She goes down around 8 and wakes around 8. It really is great! Daddy and I are complete different parents now! IT IS WONDERFUL!
Now you ask why am I nervous - well this weekend is Melanie's Bachlorette Party and well you guessed it ... can't take a baby there. So Friday I will be leaving I will be going to Savanna to Party with all the girls! We are leaving Friday and I will return home on Sunday! I am excited and nervous. I know she will be fine, but I am so narcs about a few things:
1- will she miss me?
2 - will she take the boob again when I return?
3 - what if she gets mad at me?
4 - how will I handle being away from her?
I know the answer to number 4 ... zanix and beer! haha

Anyway ... I just put the baby down and we are going to catch up on some devo ...
wish me luck this weekend and talk to you all later!


Memphis Steve said...

Will she take the boob again when you return?

It would never in a million years occur to me that a woman might ever have this thought!

Heather said...

KimmyK you're braver than I am. I haven't left overnight yet. (It got me out of a business trip to El Salvador. Woo hoo!) Hope you have a ton of fun and I am sure all will work out well.

Andrea said...

I've never left for that long either, but don't worry though. I think at her age, she has no sense of time so it will seem like you've only been gone for a little while. At least that is what I've heard, I'm no expert of course!

katie said...

girl- you go have fun and party down. all will be well. and tatum will smile big when mommy comes home.

i am impressed with her sleeping! that's awesome.

have a beer for me!! wooohoooo! :)

Chris said...

I probably missed you already sis took LIndsay for a weekend in Ellijay when Lindsay was about the same age. I missed her like crazy and I didn't have something NEARLY as good as you to distract me. You'll miss her like crazy but you'll be ok. It's WONDERFUL to reunite! Have a blast in Savannah. I'll be in North Carolina this weekend. We're headed to the Smokey Mountains!