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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Halloween ...

Well the costume went in the washer today for pictures on Friday ... so don't you worry boys and girls, next week you will see what the princess will be for her 1st Halloween! She will be queen of this house, queen of the Sea and I am sure she will give you all a great laugh!
Hang in there it is coming soon!
For now ... here is a picture of her Name Frame from Robin, ps happy birthday to your Matt!
I wanted to hang the sign over her crib, but it was a no go - the crib sits Catty Corner in her room, I tried and tried to rearrange - but it was not good, so the sign is over her changing station! I LOVE IT!


katie said...

the sign looks great!

hmmm, wonder what lil' tatum's gonna be dressed up as for halloween.....wink wink. hehe. :)
i bet the pics are gonna be awesome!

Robin said...

I love the sign there! It looks so good! Thanks for posting the pictures.

Can't wait to see Tatum in her Halloween costume!