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Sunday, October 07, 2007


The weekend was WONDERFUL~ Melanie is my Best Friend and let me tell you ... leaving the baby was the hardest thing I have EVER done, but she was worth it! She was a champ - we dressed her up and made her do a little scavenger hunt thing that she had a blast playing! When I dropped the baby off on Friday I cried for about 20 min of the 4 hour drive. I was fine that night and then I only cried a little bit on Saturday night when I called home to check on her ... so for the most part I did fine! I don't have any pictures to post - like an idiot I forgot the camera ... I will have pictures as soon as Anna gets them to me, she took a lot!
Melanie's Scavenger hunt included the following fun things:
*Kiss a bald mans head ... don't forget the lipstick
*Get 3 men's business cards ~one she got was a bail bonds men ... haha
*Find someone to show you a picture of his girlfriend/wife ~ A man actually showed her pictures of his family ... he was very very nice and fun~ his friend was the one that gave the bail bond card!
*Get a tag from a man's boxers or underwear ~this one was the best
*Get 3 men to sign your body where clothes don't hide
*Find someone to let you Tattoo (with marker) oh his body "I love Melanie"
*Pretend to walk down the isle with a stranger
*Find a man named William and ask him to marry you ... get down on 1 knee
*Find a condom
*Leave a condom for a tip when you order a beer
*Get your picture taken with a monkey - she collect monkeys
*Get a phone number of a stranger
*Collect a match book from the bar

I can't remember all of them ... but when we get the pictures I will remember more, we made her take a picture with each and every person and card. Anywho the weekend was a blast - Friday night I prayed to the Porcelain God, thanks to those of you who held hair and washed my face, Saturday night I lost my voice, drank again and now feel like ASS, but hey it was worth it!


Chris said...

Glad you made it back safely and it sounds like you had a blast! We're heading home tomorrow from Maggie Valley. Can't wait to see some of those pics. That scavenger hunt was good!

Anonymous said...

Ha! how fun, kimmy! sounds like that was a blast. sorry about the hangover-been there done that. :) but i am glad you had a great time. the scavenger hunt is a riot!

Tammy said...

That sounds like SO MUCH FUN!

kimmyk said...

OMG how fun!

Sorry you missed your baby girl, but she was obviously in good hands. It's good to be "not a mom" for a day every once in a while.

The Kept Woman said...

OK but what's the kid going to be for Halloween?!!?!?

You got me on pins and needles over here...

P.S. The scavanger hunt sounds like it was a blast!

Anthony said...

Geez ... I wish I was there. I could use a kiss on the head!

Stacie said...

That sounds like a blast..looks like you had a great time!