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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wow prayers really needed

Well in a nut shell I have a lot going on here in Myrtle Beach ... is starts with the fact that my Husband works for a family run produce business. Him, his mom, dad and brother all work there. Andy is a bit of a control freak okay a lot ... at work I have never seen this side of him with me. Adam is sort of a laid back if it works it works kinda guy. Andy has no problem with working 18 days straight to go out of town for 3 days (feel like I need to add that while away for those 3 days he is on constant contact with work) ... Adam will go out of his way to make sure not only that he can go out of town for those 3 days but that while getting ready to go he doesn't miss his 2 days off a week. Basically they are like black and white, oil and water, Jekyll and Hyde .. hope you get the point. Well I guess that things have just been getting worse and worse and my Andy decided that he could take NO MORE of it ... so today he quit. This is the 3rd time he has threatened to quit, but with all times before he went running back ... this time he cleaned out his office and has posted his resume on Monster ... he came home bummed that his family was arguing, depressed that he yelled and disrespected his mom but excited that he was going to start a new venture and step away from them.

That good mood last about 6 hours and then his Aunt called.(Tammy, his mom's sister)She called to tell Andy that he really needs to think about his decision to walk away because his dad had gone to the Dr earlier today to find out that his cancer has returned. (He was diagnosed with prostrate cancer 2 years ago, they removed it and all has been going well ... now it is back) I guess that they have said he will need approximately 35 rounds of Chemo and they mentioned a 5 year life span. (I thought they didn't do that anymore, but whatever) so now ... after that call he is very very torn. How can he help his dad, how can he stay happy with life ... as you all know not happy at work makes one not happy at home! With a wife and new baby that is not really an option. But this is his family! So that little devil is on his shoulder telling him to walk away don't look back, the angle is on the other telling him to run run fast to take care of them ... run back to take care of A & A the produce company needs you.

So I am asking for prayers ... pray for us that he finds the strength to either walk away and build on their family relationship, not the work relationship, or that he finds the strength to accept that his mom and dad will ALWAYS treat him and his brother differently and that they will never be expected of the same things and that he need to deal with it, ignore it or get over it! With that most importantly pray for Warren his Daddy he will need all the strength he can get to get through this!

Just for prayers sake .. here is my Father in Law with my Dad and Tatum on Fathers Day:

My Dad is on the left Warren is on the right ... Tatum is the little one :)


Kami said...


All kinds of good thoughts and stuff coming your way.


Anonymous said...

Prayers & good thoughts all for you!

Anonymous said...

you and your fam will be in my prayers. sending good thoughts your way!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of all of this, Andy is such a wonderful MAN and husband and father, etc. etc. I am sure he will make the right decision. I love you guys!

Chris said...

Hang in there. Man you and I have more in common than you realize. My husband is in business with his brother. NEVER go into business with your family! Too late for both of us for that advice.

Good Luck and remember to support EACH OTHER through this too.

Wendy said...

Good thoughts and prayers for your whole family!

Stacie said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Kimmy, Ihope things work out soon and for the best for everyone. What a difficult situation for everyone!