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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday

Today's "theme" was WCW Wishes ... my wish is to get a Vinyl Fence installed in the back yard. i don't have a picture that I have taken ... Sorry I this from a web site. I hope we get it this month!


Moi said...


I think you got wishes theme from me ... I just said that cuz it starts with a W. Sorry about that.

I like the fence. It looks very low maintenance.

Wendy said...

They are nice! Low maintenance...hope your wish comes true!

Stacie said...

oooohhh. my friend has one of those, and she loves it! Maintenace free and stays nice looking, she just hoses it off once in awhile if the dogs get muddy prints on it...
Good luck, I hope you get it soon

The Kept Woman said...

You can't mess up Wild Ward's just physically impossible!

WWWWWWWishes and WWWWWhite fence! Double Bonus Points.