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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Send luck!

Well tonight is the night ... the baby has officially been moved
to her own room. She has been in our room in her pack-n-play.

(It doubles as a bassinet) This was her first day home that was only 3 months ago and she has already moved to her own room ... ((SOBS SOBBS)) My baby is growing up! ((Sobs))

It was easier to have her close to us ... her room is in the OTHER side of the house. Since it has been 3 weeks of 12 hour nights of sleeping I decided I could give her the freedom she needs ... the hubby (The Wonderful) Hubby is on the floor in her room on a mattress and she is in her crib for the first time!!!! ... he stays home with her on Monday and I go to work ... he said, "I will stay with her, you get some sleep." OMG I am stoked! I will probably toss and turn all night trying to hear her breathing cause that is what I do now ... I wake every hour or so just to make sure things are okay.

Well I think this transition will be harder for me than for her ... so send luck her way and prayers mine, I will need strength to let her start growing up ... ((sobs sobs))

PS - here is Tatum and my dad ... he is doing much better with her, still not all by himself but he isn't far off. This was his Birthday night out - we took him to dinner! Happy Birthday Daddy!


Anonymous said...

So, does that mean her room is done & her name frame is hung??

If so, send pictures!!!

I want to see!!!

Anonymous said...

it's been 3 months already? wow! the time flies. hope the transition goes well! cute pics. :)

Wendy said...

Putting Jayke in his own room was the hardest thing ever. Probably why it didn't last and now after almost 4 years he is still sleeping in my bed. I couldn't sleep at all when he was in his own room. Take my advice though and don't EVER put her in your bed. Once you do it's all over!

Stacie said...

OMGosh I can't believe she is 3 months already. They grow so fast don't they? Wow, her own room? This will be good for both of you...well...all 3 of you! LOL
sending luck.

Andrea said...

I remember it being time to put David in his own room when I was scared to turn over for fear I might wake him up. You'll get used to it-that what baby monitors are for, right?

Heather said...

It's is hard, but you'll probably survive. I like the picture of her and your dad. Hopefully, the day when he can watch is coming soon.

kimmyk said...

so how did she do?
how did you do...???


What a sweet hubs!

Melanie said...


The Kept Woman said...

We kept Daughter #2 in our room until she was 6 months...not because I was attached or into natural attachment parenting but b/c I would have LOST my freakin' MIND if I had to get up and go down the hall every damn time she woke up in those first 6 months.

Good for you. I wish you the best and some really great nights of sleep!

Fabulosity said...

You mean they are suppose to sleep in their own room. Can Tatum teach my 4 year old that trick... He falls asleep in his room in his bed but at 3 a..m he is BACK!

Congrats and good luck on this transition -- you will be ok.

Chris said...

Good job...we put Linds in her crib a week before I went back to work so...11 weeks. It was the best decision. We have a great monitor and I slept SO much better once I got used to it. So, it's been a few are you doing???
Great pic of your dad. He doesn't have that "DON'T LEAVE US WITH THE BABIES" look. LOL!