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Friday, September 07, 2007

He couldn't do it

I met my husband at the bowling alley ... yep that is how we met! His dad and mom had known my mom and dad for years, but our paths never crossed until we met during a bowling league several years ago. At the time he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. His boys kept asking me if he asked me out would I say yes or no ... he never asked. Then summer was over and the league was over and all was said and done. About a year later his dad called me at work to ask if I could make something for them ... sure no problem I said. I guess his dad told him that he had ordered it from me and that was the end of it ... Andy begged to go pick it up. When he picked it up he asked me out. He and his girlfriend had JUST broken up a few weeks prior and my Boyfriend and I had been broke up for several months. That was it ... 3 months later we were engaged and I could have told you on the second date I would marry him . I bet now you are saying so what couldn't he do? Well it wasn't him that couldn't do it - it was my Dad!

Bowling just started back up and for MONTHS my dad has said that on Wednesday night ... bowling night he was going to have Grampy and Tatum night. He would come to my house, and sit with her while we were out ... my mom bowls with us. (dad hates bowling ... says it is a sissy sport - I personally think he hates it cause he sucks!) Anyway this Wednesday we went bowling ... my mom hurt her hip last week so she said she would stay home with my dad and stand in the back while he DID EVERYTHING ... remember Tatum is only 3 months old ... well we walk in the door and my dad looks at me and says ... call 1-800-dial a baby sitter! I almost died. He can't do it.

This coming from the man that was begging me to give him a grandchild before I was even married, the man that I call Dad! It broke my heart ... it broke my heart because I know how bad he wants to keep her, broke my heart because I know he can do it ... he did it with me, he is just older and more "nervous." Broke my heart because for the FIRST TIME in MY LIFE all 32 years he told me he couldn't do it! I have never heard those words from anyone in my family and I really thought I would cry!

We found a 5th bowler to sub with either me, mom or Andy until Dad can get used to her ... he says he did fine changing, burping and feeding her, he just can't handle it when she cries. She gets crabby when it is time to go to bed - mom said he looked like the dog in a thunder storm ... scared shitless with no where to hide.

Anyway he can't do it ... yet I told him! You will get used to her, and she will get used to you ... you can't do it yet ... his reply ... boy did I teach you well!


Memphis Steve said...

Hey woman, I'll babysit if you want. I ain't got no kids and we have a lot of drama over that at my house. Just ask TKW or any of the Texas womens who know me. Drama drama drama. Glad you came by. Now I got to read more of you.

Wendy said...

So sweet. My dad would never have kept Jayke when he was a baby. Just like your dad, mine was begging for grandkids too. He never changed my diapers when I was little and there was no way he was going to change Jayke's. Doesn't mean he loves him any less. You are lucky you have a dad who is willing to try. He will get it...I have faith in him!

Chris said...

awwww...he'll get on board soon enough. Babies get easier for the guys when the babies are older. It's over whelming when they are that little and they cry. I'm guessing that is Tatum's "witching hour". Lindsay would scream from 7-9 every night for a stretch. The only thing that worked for me was to put her in the sling and stand and sway. I could watch a tv show like that but the second I'd think she was out and I'd sit down she would scream again. Good luck with that. I'm sure your dad will be fine with her soon enough. You are a good daughter to be so patient with him and not be angry!

Chris said...

Hey I put Memphis Steve on my list. His blog had me in TEARS!!!

Anonymous said...

When my sister & I were younger, my dad changed our diapers, maybe...ONCE! Seriously. Babies were NOT his thing...too bad he had 2 (not at the same time, my sister's 4 years older).

Anyway, fast forward to now...and I'm proud to say that my daddy will babysit my niece & nephew. He actually changed a few diapers, made them dinner, fed them bottles (when they were babies). It took him a while, though, to get used to taking care of a baby. But, now, he's a pro!

I do have one funny story though. One night while he was babysitting, my sister asked him to give Riley a bath. He did. But, when my sister got home & checked on Riley (who was asleep in her crib), she noticed Riley still had her hair bow in. My sister asked my dad if he gave her a bath & he said yes. She asked him if he washed her hair & he said, "You didn't tell me to do that. You just told me to give her a bath!". He didn't even take her bow or rubber band out when he put her PJ's on!! Oh well, at least she was clean, fed & sound asleep! :0)