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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I recovered

Well the night out bowling was very fun ... and yes I did have a big headache but it was still very fun! Things here are still all messed up. Update:

Warren - his next appointment is next week and then they will determine what the next step will be and when his treatment will start. How strong to push and what to expect!

Andy and A & A - he made some demands ... some of those were met and some (actually only one) was not met. He told his mom and dad several times that he wanted an apology from her and she ignored the 3 request for apology and his dad laughed and told him "you know your momma, she wont apologize. So if that is what you are waiting for good luck" That to me is very very sad! Sad that she dislikes Andy's control - which he learned from her and she dislikes his strong opinions and abrasive ways ... which he also got from her. Andy I think has 2 personalities .. one for work and one for home. I hear from his workers, his dad and my mom (She worked a fruit stand for him last summer) that he is harsh to the point and can be mean at the drop of a hat at work ... at home he is very caring, very calm cool collected and very hands on lovey. He leaves me love letters at least 3 days a week - send me flowers at least 2 times a month and helps with laundry, cooking (he does all the cooking) helps with the baby and cleaning too! So you see I got the best part of him ... as for his workers I am sorry to all of you! So I think he is going back to work on Tuesday under with most of his "demands" being met ... the one that was not met is the one that I THINK IS MOST IMPORTANT!!!! However it is not my decision and I stand by my man!

Tonight we are taking my daddy out for his birthday which was Friday, but we had a wedding to cater on Saturday so we cooked all night Friday and then were at the wedding on Saturday. He and mom got themselves a new camper ... see picture below! Mom got his a HUGE cover for it and we got him some tool for the yard that he wanted! Fleetwood Revolution LE

I just hope they let us use this one ... they would never let us use the old one ... which this one is nicer, but something about it being your second ... who knows!

Hope you all have a great Sunday ... we will be watching FOOTBALL until dinner time! GO PANTHERS! Have a great week!

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