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Thursday, June 07, 2007


News Flash
Baby Kemp will be arriving next week FOR SURE!
On Sunday I am to report to the Hospital by 4 pm. They will check me in and start Cervidil - a gel that is used to thin the cervix. I will have that for aprox 12 hours, the next am I will be allowed to shower and take a break and then they will start the Pitocin - the drug used to make contractions start. I was only 2 centimeters dilated today, but last Thursday I was only a finger tip ... so some progress was made! We will have some more uncomfortable sex, we will walk and I will be drinking my raspberry tea. I am open for any other suggestions you have for me to try ... so send some love and tell me what to do. The rash has gotten worse with each passing day and it is almost unbearable to not scratch it ... but yet when I TOUCH it, it burns and stings ... makes my eyes welt up with tears and my stomach hurt with horrible pain. I can't believe that something can itch like this ... never in my life have I experienced something so aggravating. I try very hard to put it out of my mind, but it is really hard.

PS I am not drinking OIL ... don't tell me that one please!


Anonymous said...

i was just thinking sister did that and it worked...but it's some nasty shit.
Keep up the sex and the raspberry tea. and try to walk up some big hills. i have heard that helps. i have also heard about eating eggplant parmisian or something..that may be a wive's tale, i dunno....
i am so sorry about that itch. it will be over very soon!

Steph said...

Good luck with that baby ! Its not as scary as it all sounds. I would do it all over again- all 3 times without drugs ! My secret is my aunt & my gma are coming up from Texas to surprise my sister for her little girls 2nd bday ! OOO I CANNOT WAIT ! Plus I am happy to see them ! It has been almost 2 yrs since I have seen my aunt- she almost died a couple months ago- well her heart stopped 3 times during open heart surgery. She is 44 & had a massive heart attack. Scary ! Ok I have rambled, Thanks for stopping by !

Tammy said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! How very exciting.

kimmyk said...

When I worked in OB/GYN we would have women calling us telling us they drank castor oil. That my dear only gives you diarrhea it doesn't help induce your labor. And trust me, should the time come when you want to PUSH you don't want to have castor oil in your system...ya feel me??? Naaaasty.

My advice is walk. WALK WALK WALK. That's what we'd always say. Get your mp3 player and hit the open road, but don't go far incase you start having contractions you don't wanna have to walk that far back to your house.

Very exciting. Pretty soon they'll be 3. Remember that 3 song from Schoolhouse Rock?

A man and a woman had a little baby..
yes they did.
There was threeeee in the family. That's the magic number.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww...Good luck! I know you're ready to have this baby! :0)

I'll be thinking about you.



may said...

hoping everything will go on as planned...and that you an dyour baby will be perfectly okay. warm thoughts going your way:)

Katy S. said...

Good luck ther girl!