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Sunday, June 10, 2007

5 hours until blast off

Hey everyone ... well it is almost 11 and I am to report to the Hospital at 4. I am not nervous about the birth ... that is what our bodies are made for. i am not nervous about the pain, that is what DRUGS are for ... but I am nervous about not getting to eat for HOURS AND HOURS and I am nervous about bringing baby home! I have prepared for her arrival at home for 8 LONG (itchy, swollen, tired, cranky, sleepless, ... most of you know) months, all very worth it may I add. But why do I still have this sickening sense that I AM NOT READY?! I read in one of my many "get ready" books that this is normal and that I wouldn't be a "normal" woman if I weren't second guessing myself! I guess that is true cause I have second guessed just about all MAJOR decisions I have made in my life. I think that is a prerequisite of being a woman.

Anyway to stop the rambling ... in hopefully 24 hours or so I will be a Mommy ... I will have the entire package ... the hubbs, the car, the house, the job and the baby! WOW it all seemed so much more promising when I was 5. HAHA no really I am excited and I know that there will be hard days, good days and sad days ... all very welcome. I am going to be a MOMMY! Well wish me luck and I will soon see you back here ... pictures and update as soon as I can!


kimmyk said...

Oh how exciting Kim!!!

I hope your labor and delivery are a smooth ride. You're going to do just fine I'm sure. Just remember to breathe today and enjoy it.

I'll be thinking about you all day...

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you guys! :0)

And, I'm with KimmyK...remember to breathe & enjoy the ride.

I'll be praying for a smooth delivery & for as less pain as possible.

I'm thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

You'll do great! all my best for a wonderful, painless delivery!

kimmyk said... I was just thinking about you...wanted to see if there was possibly an update.

I hope everything is going well.

Chris said...

We're home! I am happy to see you posted a message before you left. I'm thinking of you...i know she'll probably be born sometime tomorrow. I hope the cervadil works for you. You're going to be fine. You don't think about the food part once your will a few hours after though! :)
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear how it all went. WELCOME TO THE MOMMY CLUB!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry we didn't get to meet you while we were there. I totally understand though. Next time for sure! Plus, should you make it to ATL again we're only a phone call away!

kimmyk said...

Ok so like it's 7:22am Monday and hopefully by now you've birthed that baby. You have, right???

*tosses confetti in the air*

*doin my best cabbage patch/running man dance*

baby girl in the hizzouse.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Does anyone know if Kimmy had the baby?

I mean, I'm sure she has by now, but I keep checking her blog & myspace page for updates, & so far, nothing.

I'm sure they have much better things to do then get online, but if anyone knows any updates, please leave a comment.


Chris said...

Steph left a comment on my blog. She had the baby 6/11 she was 7lbs 5oz and 21 inches long. Everyone is doing great. That's all I know!

CONGRATS to the KEMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandy said...

I hope your family and new family member is doing great! I am a mom of two and I don't remember how I found your blog, but I kept reading because you listed Nascar as one of your interests. I am a closet Nacar fan!
Hope you are doing great!
My blog is

Nocturnal said...

Best of luck and hope all goes well.