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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dr Tomorrow

Well tomorrow is another Dr appointment ... that is fun isn't it I think I am sick of doctors poking and prodding me. I think at the first "physical check" I asked if she could please remove her arm from my viagina ... geesh lady is that your elbow??? Not that it wont soon be worth it and trust me, I am not complaining ... I am very excited about what is happening in our lives. At our last appointment the Dr told me to walk, drink raspberry tea, and to have SEX ... yes lots of SEX. My husband stood in the corner grinning form ear to ear all while red faced and embarrassed ... I laughed so loud I thought the Dr might pee her self! I proceeded to tell her that was exactly what got us into this mess and had she missed all the tears that were flowing 1 minute before her she started to tell us how to "hurry" this along. Her reply was I didn't say romantic sex ... he just needs to do it with quickness and make a deposit! I was like OMG ... she just told my husband to completely enjoy himself, no worries about me, but to rape me! Haha ... he loved it ... so yes since last Thursday we have had sex all but 1 day and yes every time was very uncomfortable and most defiantly not about PLEASING ME ... anyway with this uncomfortableness - if that is even a word I am hoping and praying that tomorrow I will be further along than a finger tip and "high and dry!" haha
I really would like to be further along, then I wont feel so bad about scheduling this baby to come early! I have been having some slight contractions ... nothing big, nothing to harsh, but something! I haven't has that "bloody show" some talk about ... the mucus plug ... if I have lost it I did not know it! The contractions haven't been constant or even remotely close, but at least it is something ...
Anyway with the boring and rambling post please say a quick prayer for me tonight ... a prayer that I am further along that a finger tip and for a induction date to be set!
I will let you all know tomorrow!
Good night for now!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haha! yep, i did all those things too and the sex was not at all enjoyable for me either. but hey,it put me into labor that's for sure! it won't be long now, girl!!