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Monday, July 24, 2006

Weekend Bash

This weekend Melanie and William came to town! They got here around noon and we headed to the beach with my parents. We stayed at the beach until around 3 then headed to the house to get ready for the 38 Special concert. (one of Williams favorite bands was a HOB, Andy got us free ticks) Anyway we got the house and all decided we better get a start on our buzz ... We played Drinking Yatzee ... Before the end of our 3rd game we had each downed 4 beers. Andy got home, we all started to get ready and Steve one of Williams friends made it to town. We waited for us to get ready and we all loaded up to go grab a bite to eat ... We ate at Yokoso in NMB and then headed over to the House of Blues ... We had a blast and the beer and shots were going down WAY to easy. Steve and William both ended up getting sick, but a great time was had by all!
You can't take a camera into the HOB so this is all we got ...


Melanie said...

YEA - William and I made your blog page! We had such a great time! Thanks for being such a great host and hostess.

William said...

Yes, what an honor to make Kim's Blog. But did you have to mention ..... you know ... LOL. Thanks again for the great time!!!