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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Slack Ass

I must call myself slack ass today ...
The whole reason I started this blog was so I could post my Daily Buzz saying with out flooding everyone's e-mail on a daily basis ... and wouldn't you knwo it ... I haven't even been posting them ... What a SLACK ASS! Ha ha well here they are ... a LOT of them hope you enjoy!

Wednesday July 12th
Remember, truth as you see it is never exactly as someone else sees it!

Thursday July 13th
Take good care of your body; you can never trade it for a newer model.

Friday July 14th
For the things you believe in, pray like a preacher and fight like the devil.

Saturday/Sunday 15th and 16th
On your anniversary, dine at a restaurant you can afford only once a year.

Monday July 17th
Enjoy life even when it's far from perfect.

Tuesday July 18th
Remember, there's never a convenient time for weddings, vacations, or doctor appointments.

Wednesday July 19th
Never miss a deadline.

Thursday July 20th
Remember that preventing a problem is usually easier than solving one.

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