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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Okay so on Saturday we ordered the UFC fight between shamrock and Ortiz. We invited almost 15 people to the house with 10 showing up. We are eating, drinking and have a great time ... Until we turn the TV to the Pay-Per View channel to watch the pre game show ... And it is not on! OMG Andy is cussing he sat on the phone for nearly 1 hour ordering this fight. It isn't on ... We decide to try and purchase it through the TV it's self .. Nope wont let us! Okay so we all leave and head to Jud and Julia's to catch it on their TV ... Andy is still cussing. "I'm going to call Time Warner and tell them _____ ___ ___ " I laugh. Andy calls Time Warner on Monday to see why in the world we couldn't get the fight ... The lady on the phone continues to tell Andy that our Bill is past due ... His first reply is "when I was on the phone with the lady to order why didn't she tell me that?" "Sir, i am not sure, I was not the one on the phone with you." Then all of a sudden a light in his head ... Wait a minute ... "You automatic draft our payments!, How can it be late?" "sir, we just switched over or billing system and some people did not have their auto pay taken out last month." "Okay so that is my fault HOW?" Stupid Bitch ... How can we be responsible when they don't draft our account?! Anyway that was my bitch session and you can count on the fact that we will be calling some new cable companies!

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