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Monday, July 17, 2006


Pic 1: Jeff doing my Tat
Pic 2: Cheri taking a Tickle My Pickle
Pic 3: Cheri and Kim self portraits
Pic 4: Cheri blowing chunks!

Okay so the deal all week (last week) was for Cheri and I to go straight to Jeffs' tottoo shop after work on Friday. The plan was to have a couple of drinks, hang out and then me get my tattoo. Well lets just say that plan worked great. We left work around 3:30 stopped at Kroger (who had NO coozies in stock, did I mention it is like 100 degrees here?) Then headed over to the shop. We got to the shop and the plan was in effect ... Jeff was working on some other guy and Cheri and I started to drink. We both had beer and Tickle My Pickles ... Guess what ... Our fool asses drank the whole bottle of Tickle My Pickles. Before the night was over we were both Trashed, I started picking on Cheri cause she can be mean to Jeff ... *Note- she was not being mean, but can be mean. Well my drunk self was so "picky" that Jeff even started standing up for Cheri! Wow can you imagine being sober having to put up with me and Cheri? She was actually very mellow due to the alcohol and a small pill she had taken earlier ... She ended up "blowing chunk's" behind the dumpster at Shoney's. *NOTE- we didn't even eat at Shoney's it was a "pull over please I am gonna hurl" ha ha anyway it was a blast, Cheri now calls me the DEVIL and all I can do is laugh!
I think next time we venture out into the real world we should both drink a little less and leave the pills at home!

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