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Monday, April 27, 2009

Me and My BE otches

We call ourselves the SnowBE's.
We all went to college together.
As the years have passed we have all be there for each other!
This weekend was just another one of those weekends.
It was Lisa's Bachlorette Party.
She is finally getting a middle name!!!
I had fun, and it was so nice to get away from the babies and the hubby.
But to tell you the TRUTH ... I missed them so so much!
It was almost like a panic would just take over me.
I would be sitting there laughing having a ball then BAMM I would be crying.
It is SO overwhelming to be away from them.
I love my girls, I LOVED my time with them,
but I hope that leaving my babies will get easier soon!

I will see them all again soon ... we have Lisa's wedding in July.

Naji bachlorette party in August, and her wedding in November.

I love you all ... I had a blast!


Nature Girl said...

Yay for girlfriend time! There's nothing like that break you get to just laugh and have fun and let go and be silly and crazy and laugh and laugh and laugh. It's always good to be back with the family when it's over too...yay for the best of both worlds!

It will get easier..I promise!

Lisa Dunham said...

I love you too!!!!!