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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sorry it is late - here is our Easter in Pictures!
Tatum is taking her Bubbie down the slide with her ...
This my friends is why I have not given him away yet ...
isn't he just adorable!
HAHA this is what they would say if they spoke adult language:
Bowden - "why is she yelling like a cheetah?"
Tatum - "OMG give me my basket!"
Bowden - "Hell no - not until you quit hitting me in the head!"

Did you guys know she could wear something other than pink?!

My gosh we make pretty babies!


Jamie said...

Happy Easter Kim!! Great photos. Tatum's hair has gotten so long....moved from piggy tails to a pony tail. Too cute!

Boom said...

So so cute!!!

Robin said...

i love these pictures. i meant to e-mail you when you sent them to me, but i forgot!!!

tatum bug is so cute. i love her dress & look at her hair. so cute.

Andrea said...

Pretty babies indeed. Love their Easter outfits!

kimmyk said...

she's so sassy!
bowden looks like such a handsome little man!

The Smith Family said...

Looks like you and your family had a great Easter. The pictures are just adorable.

Roadkil said...

Don't you love how they fight over stuff! Wait till they get older. They are so adorable.

LCP said...

You make beautiful babies...they are so sweet. Thanks for the pics.

And I am glad Bowden had a good day, maybe they will start multiplying.