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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Camping ... but not in the rough

My company (I am part owner of the construction company I work at) did SO bad last year that I got HUGE taxes back. Now ... since we did do so bad I offered that money back to my company. I offered it up, and my dad told me NO! (I love you daddy, haha hehe can you tell I am spoiled) Said company pays my taxes every year, but when I tried to give it back my dad said we deserve a break ... to go and buy something we want, but would NEVER finance or buy ourselves. SO ... we did it ... we bought a Travel Trailer!
It is 30' with 2 slide outs ... one in the living area/kitchen table and one in the kids bedroom.
We bought it 2 weekends ago (C*raigs List) and didn't waste anytime taking it camping ... We went to a local campground, Ocean Lakes. It was awesome! My Parents have a RV ... 36' 3 slide outs and yes it is very very NICE. Nicer than some people's homes. We usually go with them, but when we went on the last trip it was hard with 4 adults, 2 kids and a dog ... so Andy and I started looking at Travel Trailers. Knowing it was just a dream until our other house sold ... but when my DADDY gave me back my taxes we JUMPED on it!

The inside of the camper ... living area
Master bed room ... not much room on either side of the bed, but we just jump on it and go night night!

The back bedroom ... it has bunks and a entertainment area ... we used it as the diaper changer ... haha has just enough room for the pack-n-play!

We put a baby gate in the door way ... I heard very bad things about the doors not latching well ... Bowden loved the camper, he didn't sleep well at all! (not unusual) but he was happy the rest of the time.

Tatum enjoying a snack on her rocking chair. She loves the RV ... she has been in my parents too many times to count and she LOVES ours - she can't wait to sleep on the bunks ... we are trying to make something to make sure she can not fall out of. Also because Bowden still doesn't sleep well she slept in a pack-n-play in my parents camper.
OF course the campground was on the BEACH ... I can't wait for consistently warm weather!

Bowden's first hand full of sand!

He is going to be walking very very soon!

Me and my babies. Even though being a mommy to Bowden is by far the hardest job I have ever taken on I do love them both dearly! Thank you God for my beautiful babies!

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Anonymous said...

fun, fun, fun!

i can't wait to come see & go to the beach!!!! :)

that was nice of your daddy to turn down your offer to give the company your back taxes! :)

The Smith Family said...

Love the pictures, but my favorite one by far is the one of Tatum walking on the beach. Very precious!

Jamie said...

Wow!! That is camping in style. Very nice! You will get a lot of use out of it and it is very have a daddy who loves you very very much :-)

kimmyk said...

GOOD for you!!
I love camping, but i'm too old to tent camp anymore...this is right up my alley.

i hope you guys get many good years out of it and lots of memories!