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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Not really a tornado but that is what I feel like my life is doing right now ... roaring and racing and destructing. Everything is happening so fast ...

~I am already 6 months preggo, only 3 months to go.

~We still have 2 houses, and the one we want to sell isn't even showing. I am starting to freak out about it!The market isn't really good for our house ... $495,000 is not what people want to buy right now, right now they all want a DEAL just like we did with the river house.

~River House - it is going well, we let people "talk" us into going ahead and redoing the kitchen (all new cabinets, counter tops, and appliances) also totally reworking the bathroom upstairs ... making the biggest the smallest, adding a laundry room and making the master portion bigger, adding a separate bath and shower, with a double vanity. Long story short I am GLAD that we did it now, but it really BROKE our budget ... now we are at the end of the budget and still have to buy tile for the bathrooms, and laundry room (both of them one up and one down) We still have not bought any towel racks or lights for the baths or fans. So all that means our BUDGET is busted ... haha. I guess they always are huh?!

~Baby 2 - things are going well but that is just the filling in the cake ... I am HOT, HOT People ... I can't do ANYTHING without "glistening" I am out of breath and I am only 3 lbs from the weight I gained with Tatum, and I still have 3 months ... 3 LONG months in the SUMMER HEAT OF SC and did I mention I am HOT.

~Work - SUCKS ... I have told you lately how hard it is to work in the construction field ... we don't employee the brightest of the bunch. They live from pay check to pay check - not that most of us don't, but the majority of them live that way for one of 2 reasons - ALCOHOL and or DRUGS! I am serious! This week I caught 2 workers getting high behind our dumpster - yes at work ... are you serious?! Then they question me when I fired them?! Uh here is your sign!

~Teeth - I now hate Teeth ... for some reason Tatum got in her bottom 2 middle/front teeth and her top ... not in the middle but the 2 on either side of the middle are coming in! I am serious about this too. I don't even understand how or why that is possible.

~Husband, he now thinks he is Bob Villa ... I am so proud of him, but I am over it! I want that house finished and my family back!!!

I will finish with the best 2 things that will happen this week - 1st tonight 8 pm my time, 7pm her time I get to TALK TO ROBIN!!!! I am so stoked, and the best part - both of us asked our hubbies "what if she doesn't like the sound of my voice and she doesn't want to meet me in the end" I am serious as a heart attack when I tell you we both asked and talked to our men about that! 2nd good thing - I leave tomorrow to go to Darlington,SC ... going to the races baby! I can't go to the race this time ... It is my turn to keep Tatum, but I will be at the track ... away from home (both houses) work and life!!! I will be with my hubby, my mom, my dad and of course my Tatum bug! YEAH!!!

Now here are some pictures ... 2 of teeth and the rest are of Tatum in the bath ... she LOVES IT!

Do you see that?! Why isn't it in the middle?!

Sorry about the food, she wont let me take a picture of them ... bottom 2

Happy baby!

Getting ready to dunk her OWN head ... yep!

My water baby!! She loves it!

Dunking herself again!

Good night every one ... I have a important phone call in 15 minutes ... yeah! If I don't blog tonight I will blog on Monday after we get back from the races!


Boom said...

She is just a love bug. I love it.

And I'm so excited for number two! Only THREE MONTHS, baby!!

Number two is a blast.
: )

angela said...

Hang in there! It seems like you just found out you were pregnant!

Chris said...

Enjoy your talk with Robin. I need to email her....I've been SO slammed. I need to mail her a check for my Lindsay frame!

Have a blast at the races. I know you will enjoy getting away from it all. I hear you girl...I'm HATING the weather, the clothes, my size....I'm ready for this baby to come already and I need to get on the workout bandwagon!

Christina said...

Look at those teeth! It's not the typical pattern for teeth to come in, but it's not abnormal either. A baby I know got those top two teeth first and nothing else. (Looks like a vampire baby, LOL.)

She is absolutely adorable, and it's so cute that she enjoys her bath so much.

I can't imagine living any further south and being pregnant. You have my sympathy for these summer months.

Elleoz said...

Have a great time in Darlington. I am jealous! LOL

Zoe's teeth came in like that too. She had fangs on top before she got the front ones. But least Tatum's aren't coming in 6 at a time ;)

She really is a cutie pie!

kimmyk said...

she's so sweet.
gotta love those wendy's or mcdonalds plastic cups for somethin' huh?

they were always a life saver when it was time to wash hair. ahhh memories.

she's a sweetie....i miss days like that. how they smelled so sweet when they got out of the tub and they'd be all snuggly. and they'd sleep really really good.

just like a baby!!!!

Heather said...

She's a cutie. If the pool is fixed on the River House, live it up this summer. It was one of the only places I was happy in my last 3 months of pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Tatum is beautiful!

kimmyk said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!