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Monday, May 12, 2008


I am home from the races, getting ready for our trip to Ohio. Pray for us, I leave with the baby on Thursday and we FLY by ourselves ... yikes! I didn't take many pictures at the race - only some of the baby in her blow up pool. I will try to post them tomorrow! I Had a good time, glad to be home!
I am happy to tell you all that Tatum likes ALL of her blankies - I got her 4 blankies all very different than her "ducky" but she loves them all the same! YEAH!!!


Robin said...

glad that you guys are home safe! and, yes, sending good thoughts your way as you get ready to fly with the baby by yourself! :) did you get my e-mail with my friend's post about tips on flying with a baby? if not, i'll send it again!

Chris said...

ohhh...please post pics before you go away again! I know, I'm one to talk lately. I'm thinking of you girl...I still haven't flown with Lindsay by myself and have NO INTENTIONS to either. LOL!
Have fun in Ohio...what is this trip for again???

Catch up with you soon!

Wendy said...

I remember my first flight alone...don't worry it went well. I think he even slept the whole way. Heres hoping Tatum does too!