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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our first plane ride

***Didn't mean to write SO much ... condensed version at very end ***

Well I am home, on safe ground! This was our week last week ...
We were scheduled to fly out on Thursday at 12:50

On Wednesday the school (day care) called to tell me that Tatum was not acting well ... They wanted me to know because they knew we were leaving on Thursday and they thought we should make a trip to the Dr. So ... I leave work at noon ... not a good thing when the PLAN was to work late so I could miss Thursday, Friday and Monday. But FAMILY is FIRST, so I go pick her up, take her to the Dr. "she has a viral infection, you just have to wait it out." (WTF is a viral infection anyway?! I think it is the Dr's way to say I HAVE NO CLUE .... good luck!)

Anyway I tell the Dr I think she has a UTI again and that this is EXACTLY the way she was with the last one ... to which Dr replies ... "it is NOT common to get UTI's with teeth, I am sure you are just nervous b/c you leave tomorrow, she is FINE" I ask her ONE last time to check for UTI ... she says that is excessive no need.

Okay so we leave ... with the okay to fly!

Wednesday night - guess ... go ahead ... guess ... 104.3 fever ... a very unhappy baby and a pissy mom. She was miserable. I am in tears, b/c I am not about to make her fly.

Thursday am - back to the Dr we go - 2 hours later ... guess what ... UTI. Didn't I call that one?! Um yeah thanks, that is what I said yesterday! She said go ahead fly she will be FINE ... it may even be easier since she is a little "out of it."

Thursday noon-ish board our first plane. Tatum is on my lap - it went OKAY ... she was NOT "that baby," but she was not great either. She wanted down, she wanted the man next to us, whom by the way was NOT AT ALL HAPPY we were beside him. Layover (Charlotte) no big deal ... Tatum would NOT nap, she was getting cranky ... I took her temp 103.2 I freaked out - started to CRY ... called Andy - bad idea ... made me cry worse. For some reason even though he is MY rock I just cry harder when he says "honey, breath it is fine, she is fine you are fine" ... I ball like a baby. Thanks to 2 woman ... they helped me! They were angles sent from God! Tatum had her own seat ... I think only because the ticket taker man felt so sorry for me ... he moved me beside a empty seat and guess what the 2 ladies were right behind us ... Thank God! They helped me entertain her and keep her occupied!

But not once did she SCREAM and be bad!

The visit was great ... the best part - we got to see my cousin and his bride to be's house ... she is very very talented and artsy ... I loved everything about it! I wish I had a ounce of that talent!
We saw my Grandma (94) who is still very "with it" she spoiled Tatum and even gave us money for her college fund!

Trip home - I think I was SUPPOSED to fly home on this day at this time ... I changed my flight to a earlier time and bought Tatum her OWN seat ... took her car seat and strapped her ass in!
(I know I said she wasn't bad, but I really don't have that much of a lap and I was not comfortable with her on my lap ... nor was she for that matter!) So- I met 5 different people that had/have children within 14 months of each other - one man ... another angle from GOD ... boy girl 12 months apart ... PLANNED!!! He talked to us for a long time, helped me get the car seat on and off the plan ... helped me get Tatum Bell off the plane - had to walk down stairs - I KNOW I WAS SUPPOSED TO MEET HIM!!! I know it! It was all part of "HIS" plan!

The ride home was MUCH better with her in her own seat ... she slept on both flights and was an angle ... even when she had a blow out diaper! Not a peep ... just a stench! Haha but she was WONDERFUL!!!

The best part - seeing her see her Daddy! I cried! She almost jumped out of my arms to get to him!~ I am not 100% positive, but I think I saw a tear or two in his eyes too! She giggled SO HARD when she got to him I almost peed my pants! Guess what else - she is WALKING ... Walking I tell ya ... 5 - 7 steps at a time, but she is going to be taking off soon!

Okay well I didn't mean to write SO MUCH I am sorry! But we are home, she did great and we now have a Dr appointment with a specialist for her bladder/kidneys to see what the problem is ... that is on the 28th I will keep you posted!

Pictures to come ... and also this week to come ... names ... I need help picking one!
Were home, baby was sick, the flights were good, she was great and we only had one blow out! Dr appointment with a specialist (another UTI) on the 28th - pictures to come and baby names this week too!

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Chris said...

Oh I was hoping you were back already...sheesh! Glad the flights went OK...not bad considering. That's awesome that Tatum is taking steps! Congrats!!! That will be a BIG help to you with the new baby if she's walking well sooner than later. Lindsay didn't walk til she was 16 months! Drove me crazy!
Good luck with the tests. I'm hoping Tatum just needs the antibiotic and not surgery. YOU so don't NEED to have to deal with that right now too. Hang in there mommy! Oh, and GOOD FOR YOU for having the right mommy instinct and diagnosis. Next time I bet that doctor will listen to you and run the damn urine test! HUGS!