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Monday, January 29, 2007

More Pictures

Okay so several people asked me to post more pictures - they all siad they didn't matter what they were - so here are some more belly pictures - one of week 18 and 3 of week 19 - hope you like!

18 weeks 1/20/2007 19 weeks 1/27/2007

19 weeks 1/27/2007 19 weeks 1/27/2007


Anonymous said...

Looking good hot momma!!

Love, Courtney

kimmyk said...

Whose a pretty girl??

You's a pretty girl!!!

LOL, don't mind me...I'm on drugs this week.

But you look beautiful! Don'tcha love being preggers? I loved being knocked up. I could eat what I want and blame it on the baby. I miss those days. *sigh*

Lookin' at ya makes me wanna rub your buddah belly. I always hated that when people would reach out for my bulging belly like some old lady grabbin' a kids fat cheeks. Ugh.

Roadkil said...

DANG THAT is HOT!!!! (Dont tell your hubby) I must got some issues yet then again "The Wife" IS ALWAYS Preg-an-ant! Keep it up it will get better and it WILL be worth it just hang in there and keep looking good!