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Monday, January 22, 2007

I am going to DIE!

I know how horrible - there are people all around the world that are really sick, but if any of you know me you would know that I am not a good sick person! I am actually a very horrible sick person! Since that preggo test was + my husband has been waking up praying to God for me not to be sick and going to bed thanking God for one more day I was not sick, and now this.
A FREAKIN' COLD! Not baby sick may I add but a COLD - Note above I am not a good sick person - the minute I sniffle, sneeze or rub my ear I am off to the Dr. I have stock in amoxicillen (not really but i should) I walk in the Dr.s and he writes that prescription and I leave to go to CVS - I am not a good girl either I never take all of it, I take a couple of days for times like these when I don't wanna go, when I know it is not serious I just feel like I am going to die - but now here I am preggo and sick. You are supposed to be a tough woman and fight it - I tried so then I called the Dr. (my OB) she told me to look at the list go with Tylenol cold and sinus BLAH BLAH BLAH so I did I have been taking that shit since Wednesday, today I traded up to Sudafed - still feel like ASS! On top of all that I am 18.5 weeks preggo and EVERYONE keeps asking "have you felt the baby?" My response is still the same, "I am not sure!" "Oh you will know" Now here I am FREAKING out because what if something is wrong, did I take the wrong Tylenol product? Have I harmed my unborn child - I probably put it to sleep? OMG Stop being so dramatic, I know, I know! From mom: Relax we did a lot worse - ha ha my response to that is always the same - "Mom, that is why i only scored a 740 on my SAT's" she never laughs! Haha

Anyway the book says that some "fat" women don't feel the baby as soon as slender ones - ha ha I added "fat" for my own effects!

Well wish me luck if I feel this way tomorrow still I am going to my general Dr to plea for help! I am sure he too knows what I can take. I have the next baby appointment on Thursday. For their sake I hope I am still not SICK!

PS- it is KILLING me that I don't know the sex of the baby, i keep trying to make Andy agree to find out, but he is still standing strong! Oh well I did 2 tests on line - the Chinese test - it said it will be a GIRL - YEAH~ then I took another test that takes my age, Andy's age and the time of month conceived - it said ..... BOY - well shit 50/50 what is that?!

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