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Friday, November 10, 2006

A lot to say this time!

The second week of September I called and made an appointment with our doctor for the month of December for consultation and fertility options for the month of December. December would have been our 10 month of trying to conceive by ourselves. I think with knowing we would get help and knowing that in less than 3 weeks I would be in Jamaica actually helped my relax Because guess what - are you guessing - well have you guessed yet -
Here is the story of how we found out and our first appointment -
Andy and I returned from our vacation on October 15th it was a Sunday and my Aunt Flow was 2 days late. I did not feel any different than usual and I actually was having slight cramps so I kept thinking she was knocking on that door when we got home I remembered that I didn't have any pregnancy tests (this was actually the first month that I wasn't testing 5 days before her visit) I had to wait until Monday. We had both already planned to go to work late on Monday (I thought I would die) Monday am I went to the store and bought a 2 pack of test I went to work and had to sit and wait all day! When I got home and Andy got home we took the test and started to get ready for dinner as I kept checking the test I started to see a very light pink line and a bright pink line. Andy was like well maybe I said no not maybe honey that line has never been there and I had taken several in the past 8 months! He was like really are you sure I said yeah. Of course I took another test in the am ha ha! Well I called the Dr the next day and said you know that appointment I had scheduled for December for fertility options - I said we can cancel it and I need to schedule a prenatal visit that is when it hit me --- I cried then! One the way home from work on Wednesday I bought a pack of the digital test and sure enough I took one and it said the actual words Pregnant holly cow we did it!
At first we were not going to tell ANYONE but I was so anxious and nervous that I wasn't sleeping so we decided we would tell my mom and dad on Sunday and Andy's parents and brother on that following Monday. We gave the grandparents to be books about 101 ways to spoil your grand kids, and so you're expecting to be a grandparent - it was really neat! On Sunday when my parents said Congratulations to Andy is the first time I think he really accepted it - it was awesome!
On November 7th we had our first Dr appointment it was okay a lot of test and a lot of blood taking - I thought I would need a transfusion! Ha ha The Dr walked into the room and said well it is positive we are going to have a baby! I said that makes 7 she looked confused and said 7 kids?! I said no 7 positives she was like what?! I giggled Andy giggled and then all the questions started I told her I was nervous because I had not been sick she said every pregnancy was different and that everything looked just fine. I think she figured out how anxious and nervous I was so she scheduled an internal ultrasound for next Tuesday at noon! I am so excited!
That is where we are today our appointment for next Tuesday is at noon and don't worry I will keep all of you posted!


Anonymous said...

Your testing method was JUST LIKE MINE, don't you hate to love that light pink line with the dark pink line :) The digital was 100% for me, which was my 3rd test in two days, haha. Preston is almost 4 months old, gosh you life will be even better than you could ever imagine, you and Andy will be such awesome parents, can't wait to share in your journey. Love you guys!


Melanie said...

Congrats Kimmie! I can't wait for baby Kemp to arrive! Love you girllie!


Andre Pope said...

Congrats form the Pope household!