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Monday, November 13, 2006


OMG could today be ANY SLOWER - and you know what I am not even sure why it is so freakin' slow?!
Why is that one day you can't have enough hours in the day and the next day you are wondering where all of the hours come from?! I am guessing today is SO SLOW because tomorrow is a BIG day! Our first Ultrasound - I am not sure what you can actually see at week 9 (well actually 8-3/4) but I hope to see something that will make me relax because this is killing me! I know some of you will stone me because of this but I almost wish I were a little sick so I would feel better --- I know the Dr said that my sore boobs and my tiredness were great signs I just can't believe it - I have always been a sickly person so I figured this would be horrible - and now that it isn't it is driving me nutz! Oh well I will quit complaining now but if any of you figure out why one day is so slow and boring and how I can make it go fast PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

PS Thanks for all of the Congrats on the last entry!

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