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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Carolina Beats Clemson

Well well us Carolina Fans for years have said "wait till next year" and guess what this was our year ... Today we did it - we put those Orange Obnoxious Clemson Fans into their place Homeboy missed a field goal that could have tied the game and Put us in overtime! Maybe he sees Garnet and black too! Silly people - they (Clemson) have been bragging all year that they are so damn good and we are so BAD - well then how in the hell did you get beat by a team that is so damn bad - maybe now they will realize that they are in the easiest conference in College football?! maybe now they will realize that we played 3 of the top 10 schools this year and even if we lost not one of them was a blow out - so eat my ass all of you Tigers the Cocks just broke into you Zoo and the coop is on the loose!

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