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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


My Gosh - I am ill today!
I went to the Dr today for my first Ultrasound that was supposed to happen at noon - I was early and ready! So excited to see that little heart working here is how it went:

Andy and I both left work early with all intentions to have our first baby picture I get there, check in, and I think this is about how the conversation went:
Receptionist: "oh we called you this am, the ultra tech is out today, she is really sick. I am sorry we will have to reschedule."

Me: "What number did you call?"

Receptionist: "oh we called 650-8969 around 8:30"

Me: "My husband and I both leave for work around 6:15 am could you please change that to call my cell phone, we both took off work today to be here"

Receptionist: "I guess I can make a note of that, but we prefer to call your house"

Me: "Well you see how much good that did me! Do you have my test results, from last week?"

Receptionist: "Well I am sure if there was something wrong they would call you!"

Me: "You mean like you called me today?"

Frustrated and red in the face I stormed out !
Exactly what class do they take in school to think that a person will be happy with any of those answers?! How inconsiderate can a HUMAN be to think that someone who took 8 almost 9 months to get pregnant and took off work to come see their baby for the very first time to not understand why I was frustrated - she acted as if I should have been happy the tech was sick?!
Anyway I don't want to complain or whine so much that I ruin the fun of the Blog but I hope to have a picture next Monday at 10:40!

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