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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Tatum goes to the Ball Park
Um yeah this was one of 3 times that the child has been up past 7:30 pm.
I am a freak about her schedule ... it really stresses me out if we are not home and in bed on time ... but we did a late nap and guess what ... she did GREAT! Not even 1 melt down!
I think it helped that we were in a box with food and place to run!
The crowd cheered for a good play ... she joined them!

Tatum and her friend Kaylie ... so glad her and her Daddy joined us!
I love this one ... she was sitting on my lap ...

Bowden Gets Tubes ...

Just like his sister ... I couldn't resist the pictures in that cute little gown ... Of course we were again the only ones in the place with a camera! HAHA

To see Tatum in her gown click HERE

We arrive at the surgery center at 6:30 am

Bowden is STARVING ... hasn't eaten since 11:30 pm

I woke him to feed him knowing if I didn't this would be a bad day

he was happy and really was a good baby!
Look at that diaper hinney ... don't you want to pinch it?!
He has no idea they are coming to get him!
Arrive Surgery at 6:30
Leave by 8
Home playing by 8:45

He did GREAT!

Fun in the Fort!

My mom bought Tatum a tent/tunnel thing for her Birthday ... She has been begging Bowden to go through the tunnel ... but he wont! I decided we (me and dad) needed to play with her ...

Um yeah ... check this out:

Mommy crawls through the tunnel ... Tatum came over top of me and out of the tunnel also!

Daddy trying very hard to get out of the tunnel!

Bowden trying to tell Dada that it is okay ... he IS here to help with a pat pat pat!

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Melanie said...

Hey! So much going on in the Kemp household! Love the sneaker/ballpark shot! Thanks for the picture updates! Here's hoping the tubes are just what bowden needs for no more ear infections!