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Thursday, June 11, 2009

My baby is 2

I am so not sure where all the time went, but it has been 2 FULL years since my Tata was born. Today my sweet baby girl turns 2. I can't believe she is 2. I messed up her 1 year birthday party ... it was HOT, I was 7.5 months preggo and it snuck up and screeched out the door before I knew it. This year I am a little more prepared. We are having a double birthday party for her and one of my best friends daughter. Kaylie is turning 3, Tatum is turning 2. Since we would have invited ALL the same people we just doubled it up. We are having a pool party Saturday in the day and then that evening all babies go to Grandparents and the adults are having a cook out at our house! I can't wait! Melbel found this cute outfit for me on Etsy for Tatum ... check her out ...

Baby girl I don't even know where to start. The last 2 years have been the best of my life. I can remember my parents telling me to enjoy high school, that those days would be some of the best in my life. Now they are telling me to enjoy your baby years, that soon I will miss the sleepless nights and the cries, rocking and diapers. I see it already. You are growing like a weed. Your smile in infectious and your laugh is breath taking. You are my sunshine. I look forward to your hugs, smiles and "isses", yes even with open mouth. You are such a joy, hardly ever a bad baby. A great sleeper, great eater and a wonderful big sister. You know exactly how to make people laugh and when you catch onto them laughing you will do it every time you see them ... just to make them laugh. I love you, I cherish every moment we have together and I look forward to every moment we will have in the future. I love you, you are my sunshine and hope you have a great birthday!


Anonymous said...

happy, happy birthday, ta-ta!!!

that outfit is adorable! and, i love her new shoes. so cute!

i know y'all will have an awesome time at her birthday party...can't wait to see pictures!!!

love her & you!!

The Smith Family said...

Happy Birthday Tatum, your outfit is adorable! I hope you have a great time at your big girl birthday party :-)

Love the pictures of Tatum's outfit, too cute! You are looking great! Have a great time this weekend at the kids party and the adult's party!

Andrea said...

That is the best birthday outfit EVER! What a beautiful little girl you have. Happy Birthday Tatum!

Heidi said...

Happy late birthday Tatum! You are growing up so fast I cant' believe it!

Christina said...

She is such a beautiful little girl, and looking so much more like a big girl and not a toddler now! They really do grow up too fast.

Hope you all had a great party! Can't wait to see pics!